About Us

We’re Dr. Carolee Duckworth and Brian Lane, a mother and son team of passionate travel enthusiasts who have experienced both the best and the worst of travel. Our experiences have ranged from structured group tours to completely independent travel ventures.

Fed up with the current travel guide market’s absence of pre-planned trips for independent travelers, we started collaborating back and forth to discover what worked and what didn’t to help us have better travel experiences. What evolved was a total approach for making our own trips remarkable, yet free from the bus. Then we started to pass on what we had discovered to help others with similar travel goals. Our notes grew into a book, then a series of books.

Our unique travel approach is designed to remove some of the everyday challenges of traveling independently and fill in logistics and planning gaps that other guidebooks leave behind for their readers to figure out on their own. On a budget? So are we, . . . so we’ve figured out all sorts of ways to help save you money before and during your trip. The end result is a better overall travel experience that costs you less money, . . . Yep, you can have both!

We hope you find our blend of practical tips, advice, key logistical info, suggested destinations and cultural context as useful as we have as you plan your next exciting travel adventure!