Everything You'll Need for Your Trip Days

So now you have arrived, and the days of your trip begin. There are additional items you will need to be able to pull out of your daypack to make all of this work smoothly. Some of these items you will already be able to list and others may be surprising, including:

  • All the Day Pages and Vouchers and Tickets and Reservations for the day, with all of these organized and easily accessible so you’ll be ready when you arrive at each venue.
  • A String Marketing Bag, because the grocery stores will not supply them, or if they do you will be charged a fee. But why not have what you need to shop like a local, with a string bag that you can smoothly pull out of your cross body day pack.
  • A Picnic Kit, for the days that you decide to balance your budget by shopping the bakery, wine shop, cheese shop and deli for a lovely picnic lunch. We call this our “picnicery.”
  • Weather Readiness!! These days ticking by will be the precious days of your trip. So, you do NOT need to be stopped whenever it rains or the sun is hot or the temperatures climb. Add a few items to your list to take along every day in your daypack when you walk out the door so you’ll be ready for anything.
  • Being prepared with what you need for Mid-trip Tasks like doing a quick laundry and mailing home some of the weight so you can continue to collect treasures.
  • Having along any aids or comfort products you will need to be ready to walk, walk, walk!You will have no time for aching feet or sore knees!!

Day Pages, Vouchers, Tickets & Reservations

Day Plans in Plastic Folders

Each day as you set out, look through your day pages for that day and call in any reservations that you have not yet made. Then slip that set of day pages into a plastic folder and put it in your day pack where you can readily access them.

You will be referring to these pages all day, using the small maps, history notes, and transportation and activity guidance. These pages will be your “guide.” So you won’t need to race to keep up or get back to the bus.

Tickets, Reservations & Vouchers

Keep your tickets, reservations and vouchers in separate clear plastic sleeves. Make sure everything you need is visible and where you can find it in your backpack. This way you will know you have everything you need and be ready to pull it out just when you need it. 

Assign your map its own plastic sleeve so you can refer to it even if it’s raining.In order to stay completely organized, consider color-coding items by type. 

Phrase Book

As you maneuver around the airport after checking in, you will have in tow your carry-on and your personal item. If your personal item is not a backpack, save yourself the hazard of having your top bag slide off your carry-on. 

A bag bungee is an inexpensive item that connects your bags together so you can pull them all securely through airports, train stations, city streets and hotel lobbies.

Be Prepared for Markets and Picnics

String Bags for Marketing

Marketing in Europe is great fun. But it is very different from what you are accustomed to in the US. Europeans take their food very seriously. You are not to touch any of the fruits or vegetables, but only point to them and the vendor will handle them for you.

And you will be expected to bring along your own marketing bags. So keep 2 or 3 string bags in your day pack so you’re ready whenever you check out.

Picnic Kit

There will be days when you will want to forego sitting in a restaurant for lunch. This will help with your budget, but also will be its own delight. Round up what you need at the market and head for a pleasant bench in the gardens or a park.

Then pull your picnic kit out of your day pack, complete with plates, silverware and cloth napkins. 10.9 x 10.7 x 2.3 inches. 1.89 pounds.

Stackable Wine Glasses

You will be surrounded by excellent line, at affordable prices, especially if you are traveling in France or Italy. As you prepare for the day take along in your day pack a set of unbreakable, stackable wineglasses, and stop to pick up a bottle of wine and enjoy it in a picturesque spot during the day.

 Make sipping wine from proper wine glasses part of your travel style. 

    Substantial Corkscrew

    Carry along your own substantial corkscrew to avoid struggling to open wine bottles. Take this along in your day pack on days you plan a picnic. But leave it in your checked bag on plane travel days and on the day you will be going through any tight security lines.

    Chill Bottles for Water and Wine

    Take along a second chill stainless steel insulated water bottle to keep your white wine or rosé cold.Two of these light-weight  bottles, one for water and one for wine, will fit easily in your day pack. Refill the water bottle whenever you have the chance, and stay well hydrated throughout the day. .

    Ziplock Bags for Leftovers

    An assortment of Ziploc bags will become one of your best friends during your trip. Use these for packing. And take some along in your day pack for when you have the chance to pick up fresh strawberries or a block of cheese or several lovely pastries along your way. 

    Be Prepared to Keep Going, Rain or Shine

    Crushable Hat for women

    Take along a brimmed hat that suits your style. But make it a crushable/foldable hat so you can stick it in your luggage on flight days and in your day pack when you’re out and about. Wear it to for sun protection.

    • Lanzom women’s wide-brim straw panama roll-up Fedora sun hat UPF50+.
    • Hat circumference 22.5″ ; Brim 2.9″
    • Adjust the size through the rope inside.
    • Choice of brim colors and patterns.

    Packable Hat for Men

    • Short-brim straw fedora sun hat looks stylish on both male and female.
    • Choice of waist band designs for distinctive style.
    • Breathable & lightweight. Ventilated so it doesn’t overheat in hot weather,. 
    • Packable & foldable to take along in suitcase or daypack.

    Large Umbrella

    • 48 inch large umbrella. Big enough to comfortably fit 2 adults.
    • Windproof. Vented to prevent wind drag.
    • Canopy spins around when bumped.
    • Folds Into Portable Travel Size – – Auto Open/Close.
    • Superior safety and durability.

    Be Prepared for Mid-trip Tasks

    Mid-trip Laundry

    Half-way through your trip your will be ready to make short work of your gathering dirty laundry. This is a quick and easy task if you have everything you need at hand…

    Small Travel Bottles 

    • GoToob silicone travel bottle with locking cap, Medium (2.5 oz) TSA-approved.
    • LoopLock prevents accidental leaks. Can be hung from hooks or strapped to a pack.
    • Large opening for easier filling & cleaning.
    •  Fill one with dishwashing soap for mid-trip laundry.

    .Laundry Sheets

    • Enough biodegradable detergent for 60 washes (30 per package). 2 3/4 long.
    • Just enough soap for a sink use. Rinses out easily. No overpowering fragrance.
    • No laundry bills. Does not take up much room/weight.

    Sink/Tub Stopper

    • 5-Inch white sink stopper.
    • Place this on top of existing built-in stopper. Push down to create suction. Fill sink. Everything stays beautifully! 

    Scrubba Washbag

    • A quick and easy way to wash your clothes while traveling.
    • Features a wash-board like inner scrub panel that produces a machine quality wash.
    • Weighs only five ounces and easily fold to the size of a wallet.

    Mailing kit

    Plan to mail home a box towards the end of your trip to ensure that your luggage is not overweight and that your trip shopping will not be impeded.

    Pack up used day pages, brochures, books, and any other items that are no longer needed. Take along mailing tape, mailing labels, and scissors. You will be able to purchase international mail boxes at the post office.

    Walking Comfort


    • Small, light and steady. Folded up it’s not much bigger than a thermos, and weighs no more than a thick book.
    • Allows you to sit while exploring museums or waiting, protecting you knees, back and joints. It’s easy to carry around and takes up almost no space.

    Compression Sleeves

    • Made with gradient compression–wide ribbing in front for shin support, tight ribbing in back for calf support.
    • Fabric incorporates silver to regulate skin temperature and fight bacteria.
    • Leaves legs feeling refreshed even after hours of standing. Reduces leg swelling.

    Compression Socks or Stockings

    • Designed to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow.
    • Prevent cramping, fatigue and swelling. Helps muscle recovery.
    • Compression increases blood circulation which provides increased performance.