As you arrange your places to stay and book your planes… As you read and revise your Day Pages (full plans for each day) and adjust them to the particulars of your own trip plan… Throughout this process, let the experience begin in your imagination.

When you actually do set off on your trip, be prepared to take an active role. “Seize the day,” and otherwise to reap the full experience:

  • Seek out experiences that excite you and your interests.
  • Activate your senses.
  • Shift your habits to increase your range of experience.

Seek Out Experiences that Excite You

Take charge of your own trip to ensure it will be a full and enjoyable experience. Adapt your trip to your own unique interests and enthusiasms. If you are a music lover, plan for more music …  Organ concerts in cathedrals. Jazz groups on Boat Bars. Singers sitting atop pianos in piano bars belting out love songs.

If you are a history enthusiast, learn as much as you can in advance of your trip, as well as during it. Explore the historical significance of what you are seeing—the towns, the châteaux, the monuments, the historical figures. Stories abound.

So too, if you love architecture… Or art… Or sculpture… Or shopping… Or wine… Or all of the above…