Luggage & Packing

Your choice of luggage will make all the difference to achieving the full experience of your trip without undue pain or suffering. And your packing system will pay off, even if you are one of those people who tends to avoid having a system, packing or otherwise. Your shopping tasks will include: the right luggage, the right packing system, and a special container for each set of items you will need to put your hands on quickly and efficiently. A trip abroad is not a time or place where you will want to be disorganized.

Come browse through what all you will need, and begin to think through some of these all-important purchase decisions. Consider these recommendations from expert travelers who have learned the hard way exactly what to take and how to pack it so you won’t wish you hadn’t brought it.

Clothes & Shoes

What you need to consider here goes well beyond making a fashion statement during your trip. Of course, you will have many photo opportunities, so you’ll want to look your best. Bring clothes that are comfortable but make you feel at the top of your game.

European dress is more stylish and less garish than what some Americans are willing to wear. So no rock band tee shirts, please!! Dress well. Wear comfortable shoes. Take as much as you need, but not more. And be prepared to keep on going, rain or shine, day or night, while walking and walking more than you would ever have believed possible.

Here is a starter packing list with some suggestions. Of course what you actually do take will depend on your personal style. But check the list so you don’t arrive without something you need and wish you had brought.

Phones & Electronics

When you venture abroad to Europe, there are essential things to think about and know in advance. Your phone will not work the way you are used to. Roaming charges will be roaming the globe, not just around your neighborhood. Money will be different. Electrical power will be different, as well as the sockets you will plug into. Time will be stated on the 24 hour clock. Measurements will be metric. Temperatures will be in Centigrade. All of this is part of the fun, and one of the ways you will know that “you’re not in Kansas anymore.”

A bit of preparation in this category will make all the difference to your ability to communicate and manage your trip after you arrive.

For Your Trip in Progress

So now you have arrived, and the days of your trip begin. There are additional items you will need to be able to pull out of your hat to make all of this work smoothly. Some of these items may be surprising. You will need a marketing bag, because the grocery stores will not supply them, or if they do you will be charged a fee. But why not have what you need to shop like a local, with a string bag that you can smoothly pull out of your cross body day pack.

And what about the days that you decide to balance your budget by shopping the bakery, wine shop, cheese shop and deli for a lovely picnic lunch? Now you will need your picnic gear, or as we call it your “picnicery.”