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Your Great 5-Day trip to Paris


Are you ready to take that trip to Paris you’ve always dreamed of?

…But you want to avoid the bus and the tour group so you can actually experience Paris and its delights?

Do you wish you had the confidence to travel to Paris independently? But you know you don’t know enough. And you don’t want to waste your time there trying to figure out what to do. And, besides, you don’t speak French?

Do you wonder how much your trip will cost? And how you will come up with the money?

Whether you are an experienced traveler or an aspiring one, this book will be your silent guide. Like a good friend who has taken you under his wing to make sure your trip experience is rich and remarkable.

You will know what to do and why, how to do it and when. Your trip will go smoothly every step of the way since you already will have the detailed trip logistics and smart travel tips you’ll need, while preserving your independence and freedom to explore. And you will know some of the captivating stories that make what you are seeing all the more interesting.


Your Great 5-Day trip to Loire chateaux


Do You Dream of Visiting the Magnificent Castles of the Loire Valley in the Spring?

Follow in the carriage paths of French royalty when they escaped Paris to the lush countryside of the Loire Valley to live in splendor in their plentiful collection of glorious Chateaux along the river. Experience their lifestyles (and their stories) first-hand by visiting for yourself the perfectly preserved palaces and gardens of their royal playground.

Yes, you can make this trip independently. Use this book as your silent guide, like a good friend who has taken you under his wing to make your trip experience rich, remarkable, and trouble-free. Avoid sacrificing your freedom to tour groups, with their restricted schedules and “back to the bus.”