About Great Trip Guide

OUR Story

Great Trip Guide first published “Your Great Trip to France” (New Cabady Press; available on amazon.com) in 2016, followed by additional “Great Trip” books. Authored by Carolee Duckworth and Brian Lane, these books were written to empower traveling independently in France, Italy and elsewhere in Europe by providing detailed, day-by-day, trip plans, as an alternative to constricted tour-group travel.

Now, in addition to books, “Great Trips” are available for free on GreatTripGuide.com, complete with “Day Pages” outlining each day, links for all needed bookings, and tips to save money and enjoy a richer travel experience. Trips have been tested and improved over many years and many trips to Europe.

New trips are added each month. Select a trip. Envision and share it. Book it. Travel better. Experience more. Stress less. Start out on your own world travel odyssey this year.

Meet Carolee Duckworth

I am an enthusiastic traveler, and have enjoyed many wonderful trips in Europe. For most of these trips, I have escaped confining “group tours” and traveled independently, with a friend, a partner, a son. “Great Trip Guide” is my passion now…to pass on and empower others to have these rich experiences abroad. Pick a trip for this year, envision it, book it and enjoy.

I wish for you many amazing travels, starting now!

Meet Brian Lane

I began traveling internationally at age 8, so I caught the travel bug early. Having traveled independently in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA, I have refined my own approach to traveling and developed an earnest desire to share those insights and techniques with others. I am passionate about bringing fellow travelers the vey best technology, safety, time and money-saving travel tips and techniques to make solid preparations in advance and not get caught offguard by problems that can arise and take the fun out of the trip.

I wish you many stress-free, delightful and memorable travels, armed with our solid (and tested) trip plans.