Where to Go in Europe

Even a short visit to Europe will enrich you through experiences of diverse countries, languages, cultures and history, architecture and cuisine. On your first trip to Europe, you will have so many options it will be easy to be overwhelmed. Start with these five trips as your venture into the magical world across the sea, possibly in a different order.

First take a trip to France…

In France you will visit the Loire Châteaux, Mont St Michel, the Normandy Coast and Paris, City of Lights. You will travel around France by train. Train travel in France is its own adventure and part of the pleasure.

On this unforgettable trip, you will fly into Paris and take a train to the charming medieval village of Amboise in the Eastern Loire Valley, your first home base, and your jumping off point for visiting the Loire Châteaux. On day trips, you will travel by train to Blois and Chenonceau, then Tours in the Western Loire Valley.

Then you will travel by train to Pontorson, the small railway stop town near Mont St. Michel. Here you will stay on the Mont like the monks of old, with the water surrounding you at high tide, then receding entirely at low tide— racing in and out at the speed of a galloping horse.

Next, you will take another train to the small town of Bayeux, your home-base for exploring the tales and memories of the conquests and liberations that have taken place from and to this precipitous coastline… from William the Conqueror in the 11th century to the Allied troops in the 20th.

Then on to Paris for five glorious days (and nights!) on the left bank, where you will travel the Seine by BateauBus (“Boat Bus”) to visit the art and architecture, cathedrals and gardens, markets and cafés.

Next Comes Your Trip to Italy…

Then comes your all-essential first trip to Italy. Start with a visit to the Hill Towns of Tuscany to ease your way into the “dolce vita” way of life. From here travel by train to Venice, surrounded by water and rich in culture, mystery and charm.

Next, take the train to lovely Cinque Terre, five (“cinque”) tiny villages clinging to the rocks on the northwestern coast of Italy. Once you become part of the Cinque Terre lifestyle, the best way to travel about will be by water, of course. From the villages, your main views will be out to sea. But from the comfortable water taxis, you will have the delight of full views of each of the five villages and you travel about among them.

Save Florence for last, with its fantastic tales of intrigue, its incomparable art and architecture, cathedrals and gardens, markets and cafés. And its remarkable food and wine… and gelato.

Visit Three Incomparable Capitals: London, Paris & Amsterdam

On this trip, you will divide your time among three of the most extraordinary cities in the world, each entirely distinct from the other. In London you will stay in a flat or hotel near Covent Garden, and learn “your neighborhood.” This will put you within a short walk of the Theater District (and the discount ticket booth at Leicester Square). So you will be able to take in two (or, better yet, three) superb London theater performances, with at least one of them performed at the rebuilt Globe Theater that harkens back to Shakespeare’s days. At Covent Garden, you will delight in the ongoing troops of open-air performers— mimes and musicians, acrobats and jugglers— as well as the shops and stalls with every conceivable offering of craft and art, adornment and style. There will be time to explore the priceless collections of art in the museums, some of it created by British artists, but much of it “taken” from countries and cultures around the world as a so-called right of Empire. You will stand in awe before the magnificent Cathedrals of Westminster and St. Paul’s, then sit inside to soak in the peace, and possibly take in an organ performance.

From London, you will travel by Eurostar to Paris, where you will immerse yourself for five days (and nights) in the delights and senses, art and architecture, gardens and music of this remarkable city.

Last you will move on to Amsterdam, a feast of canals and canal houses, art and history, museums and music, outdoor cafés and markets… and of small neighboring towns with familiar names like Delft and Gouda. Your time in Amsterdam will fly by in a mirage of sights and sounds, stories and experiences, and priceless encounters with the affable Dutch.

Experience Stunning Vistas in the Swiss & Italian Lakes & Alps

In anticipation of traveling to the Alps, and their lakes, picture the breathtaking scenes From Sound of Music. After flying into Geneva, you will board one of the impeccable trains of the Swiss rail system and travel to Lausanne on the far side of Lake Geneva. From the train station, the funicular will carry you up to the old town or down to the lakefront, where you will stay while you discover this charming Swiss town. From Lausanne you will travel by boat to the nearby town of Montreux, known for its Jazz Festival, then on to the legendary Castle of Chillon.

After Lausanne you will take a train to Lucerne, another captivating Swiss town on a lake. But this time the lake is one that you can walk across, using a covered bridge that dates back to the 14th century. Then on you will go by train to rustic Zermatt, at the foot of the Matterhorn, where the only transportation around town is by foot or by small electric vehicles, as well as a far-ranging network of gondolas, including one that will carry you up over the Alps and into Italy.

From Zermatt you will travel via the famed Glacier Express to St. Moritz, a beautiful and hospitable showplace that has its own lovely lake… with its own towering Alps in the background, and all the “ooh and aah” views that come with them. Then, traveling south across the Alps on the Bernina Express, you will cross into Italy and continue on by bus to the breathtaking shores of Lake Como—another unmatchable haven that you will love immediately and want to return to over and over again.

Another Must is the Dazzling South of France: Cote d’Azur, Provence & the French Alps

After landing in Paris, you will hop aboard the TGV (“Train a Grande Vitesse”—“train of great speed”), where you will doze away your jetlag in comfort while you traverse France at 200 mph in a little over three hours. But then, when the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean first burst into sight, you will snap into focus, and your train will slow to hug the coastline on its way to Nice. After three nights in Nice, you will move on by train to the small coastal town of Cassis, with its immaculate white stone market square, and its boat rides out to see the Calanques—towering limestone cliffs, rising straight up out of the Mediterranean Sea to heights of up to 1,854 feet.

Leaving Cassis you will make your way back along the coast to Provence and the walled city of Avignon, second city of the Popes, with its “Pope’s Palace” and Cathedral, its bridge of childhood song, and its pedestrian streets and square, surrounded by cafés and restaurants and lined with trees. Then north until you reach the French Alps, where you will stay in lovely Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924 (elevation 3,320 – 15,780 feet). Then on to Annecy, cupping one end of a stunning glacial lake, with its own backdrop of mountains, where you will walk the narrow cobbled streets of Old Town and travel by boat or by bicycle to other small towns bordering the lake.

And so… Where will you begin? And when? Can you go? Should you go? Can you afford to go? Can you afford not to?

Taken in order… Start with Trip #1: Fabled France, or with another trip of your choice. Just begin somewhere. Plan to take your first of these trips next year at the latest, and then take another trip each year from that point on (or, at the very least, one every two years).

Yes, you most definitely CAN go and, yes, you SHOULD go. Use the guidebook Your Great Trip to France, or the guide associated with another of the trips if you chose to travel in a different order, to know exactly how to plan and arrange and prepare for and make your trip.

Yes, you CAN afford to take these trips through some combination of saving and priority shifting. And, no, you cannot “afford NOT to.”

These are the trips of a lifetime that will become part of you and will change forever how you see life and the world. By making these trips, you will bring home stories and treasures, as well as changes in how you live your life from day to day. We now eat lunch on our front porch, using the tablecloth we brought home from market day in Tremezzo on Lake Como. Many days we cook sea bass in a lemon butter sauce, and fresh spinach lightly sautéed in olive oil, just the way we liked it when we were sitting at a lake-side restaurant in Bellagio. We take the time out of our busy work days to talk together and laugh together, and to look out across our terrace gardens towards our own lake. And we turn on music first thing every morning. Once your perspectives and views have been broadened by travel, there is no going back…nor would you want to.

First to the Loire Valley

After landing in Paris, you will take a train from the airport to tiny Amboise in the Loire Valley. ..

Next to Normandy

With its steep cliffs along the coast… Stories of conquerors and liberators… And the incomparable Mont St Michel, stranded and surrounded by water when the tide comes in at the speed of a galloping horse…

Last Stop, Paris

Finally, you will complete the loop of your journey by train, arriving back in Florence for three nights (four nights if you wish to extend). Here you will experience the unsurpassed art and sculpture, masterpiece upon masterpiece. You will shop the leather markets, and sit alongside the piazzas, people-watching and sipping delightful Italian wine.

How to Travel in France

France is the undisputed leader in international visitors, totaling upwards of 84 million a year. This surpasses the US, with around 75 million, and far outpaces Britain with around 32 million. What are some of the reasons France is on so many travelers’ bucket lists? And which of these reasons might inspire you to follow suit? As a start, consider these three motivations for taking a trip to France.


We’ve created a pre-planned trip for you to give you everything you need for a stress-free trip while retaining your freedom from group tours to enjoy the full experience of being there.

Traveling in France: How to Have the Full Experience

Traveling in France: How to Have the Full Experience

Reason #1: Cultural Discovery A trip to France is endlessly entertaining and fascinating. France is proud of its heritage and celebrates its history. Everywhere you go you will find atmosphere and old-world charm and historic buildings with stories to tell. You will...