Where to Go in Italy

On this first trip to Italy you will visit the Hill Towns of Tuscany first to ease your way into the dolce vita way of life. From there to Venice, surrounded by water and rich in culture, mystery and charm. Then to Cinque Terre, five (cinque) tiny villages clinging to the rocks on the northwestern coast of Italy. Here the best way to travel about will be by water, of course. When you are in one of the villages, your main views will be out to sea. But from the comfortable water taxis, you will have the delight of full views of each of the five villages and you travel about among them. You will travel around Italy by train. Train travel in Italy is its own adventure and part of the pleasure.

You will save Florence for last with its fantastic tales of intrigue, its incomparable art and architecture, cathedrals and gardens, markets and cafés. And its remarkable food and wine… and gelato.

Visit the Hill Towns of Tuscany

After flying to Florence, you will take a train from the airport to tiny Sienna, Florence’s rival city, now frozen in time. When you arrive at the station, you will soon appreciate the meaning of “hill towns.”

Taxi up and up the hill your hotel. Your lodgings will be near the main square, Il Campo, and the over-the-top Duomo, with its glorious facade of pink, white and green marbles, topped with gilded mosaics.

Discover Lovely Cinque Terre

From Venice you will travel by train to little Monerosso (“red mountain”) in beautiful Cinque Terre (“five villages”). This one little town is one among five jewels nestled precariously into steep rocks that plummet down to the sea. Viewed from the water, these towns seem like impossible fantasies. But they are very real, and they are entirely charming.

Next to Venice

There is no place on earth like Venice. Visiting here is an entirely unique experience that you will remember for life. Imagine a city of winding narrow streets and no roads. All travel in this jewel of a city is either by foot or by boat, with the Vaporetto water buses drifting in continuous loops to pick up and deliver, pick up and deliver…

Save Florence for Last

As you complete the loop of your journey by train, arriving back in Flroence where you began, be prepared to be awed. You have seen photographs of Michaelangelo’s David. But these do not come close to standing beneath the real thing.

And then there’s the Ponte Vecchio, with its shops and views, spanning the Arno as it has for centuries. Image the Medici family walking the corridor above the bridge from their offices on the right bank to their private palace on the left…

How to Travel in ITALY

Italy is the undisputed leader in food and wine. With literally thousands of different grape varieties, Italy has surpassed even France in the amount and quality of the wine it produces. Much of this wine is produced in small quantities so you will experience vintages that you could never find outside the region, much less outside Italy. The food is regional too, and in a country with over 5000 miles of coastline, seafood generally reigns. But that is just the beginning. You will bring home from Italy ways to fix seafood that will become your most favored “go to”s because they are simply perfect (as well as healthy.

What are some of the reasons Italy is on so many travelers’ bucket lists? And which of these reasons might inspire you to follow suit? As a start, consider these three motivations for taking a trip to Italy.


We’ve created a pre-planned trip for you to give you everything you need for a stress-free trip while retaining your freedom from group tours to enjoy the full experience of being there (coming soon).



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