Where to Go in France

On this first trip to France you will visit the Loire Châteaux, Mont St Michel, the Normandy Coast and Paris, City of Lights. You will travel around France by train. Train travel in France is its own adventure and part of the pleasure.

On this unforgettable trip, you will fly into Paris and take a train to the charming medieval village of Amboise in the Eastern Loire Valley, your first home base, and your jumping off point for visiting the Loire Châteaux. On day trips, you will travel by train to Blois and Chenonceau, then Tours in the Western Loire Valley.

Then you will travel by train to Pontorson, the small railway stop town near Mont St. Michel. Here you will stay on the Mont like the monks of old, with the water surrounding you at high tide, then receding entirely at low tide— racing in and out at the speed of a galloping horse.

Next, you will take another train to the small town of Bayeux, your home-base for exploring the tales and memories of the conquests and liberations that have taken place from and to this precipitous coastline… from William the Conqueror in the 11th century to the Allied troops in the 20th.

Then on to Paris for five glorious days (and nights!) on the left bank, where you will travel the Seine by BateauBus (“Boat Bus”) to visit the art and architecture, cathedrals and gardens, markets and cafés.

First to the Loire Valley

After landing in Paris, you will take a train from the airport to tiny Amboise in the Loire Valley. ..

Next to Normandy

With its steep cliffs along the coast… Stories of conquerors and liberators… And the incomparable Mont St Michel, stranded and surrounded by water when the tide comes in at the speed of a galloping horse…

Last Stop, Paris

Finally, you will complete the loop of your journey by train, arriving back in Florence for three nights (four nights if you wish to extend). Here you will experience the unsurpassed art and sculpture, masterpiece upon masterpiece. You will shop the leather markets, and sit alongside the piazzas, people-watching and sipping delightful Italian wine.

How to Travel in France

France is the undisputed leader in international visitors, totaling upwards of 84 million a year. This surpasses the US, with around 75 million, and far outpaces Britain with around 32 million. What are some of the reasons France is on so many travelers’ bucket lists? And which of these reasons might inspire you to follow suit? As a start, consider these three motivations for taking a trip to France.


We’ve created a pre-planned trip for you to give you everything you need for a stress-free trip while retaining your freedom from group tours to enjoy the full experience of being there.

Traveling in France: How to Have the Full Experience

Traveling in France: How to Have the Full Experience

Reason #1: Cultural Discovery A trip to France is endlessly entertaining and fascinating. France is proud of its heritage and celebrates its history. Everywhere you go you will find atmosphere and old-world charm and historic buildings with stories to tell. You will...