Imagine yourself in Florence, without a tour group, free and eager to make it your own…

And now you are off to Florence, a city that is striking and surprising, lush and overflowing with art and sculpture.

By the end of the day today, you will have gained an overview of Florence, and will know your way up, down, and across the river, and around your own neighborhood. You will have lunched with a view of the river at the lovely Golden Door, then crossed the river on the Ponto Vecchio, browsing the exquisitely crafted gold and silver filigree and other unique hand-crafted pieces, and perhaps selected your favorite to consider purchasing.

From the bridge, you will have watched the sunset, and from across the river, you will have looked back to your side of it, the Oltr’Arno (other side of theArno) and up at the little chapel on the hill, glowing white with the moonlight. You have arrived!

10 Peak Experiences in Florence

1.    Drinks on the Terrace of the Baglioni Hotel

…near the train station, overlooking the Duomo


2.  Lunch across from the Duomo

…studying the white, green and pink marble inlays up close


3.  View Michaelangelo’s David

…the copy, then the REAL


4.  Shop the Leather Market by Medici Chapel

…friendly local artisans… lovely leather


5. Stroll up into Boboli Gardens

…then back down to the intriguing grotto


6.  View Miniota Chapel from near and far

…glowing in the moonlight from a bridge on the Arno… stunning up close…


7. Watch Sunset from the Ponte Vecchio

…and think about where you are…


4.  Dine up in Fiesole, overlooking Florence

…so many stories… lovely food and wine…


5. Venture out to the Etruscan hill town of Cortona…

…have lunch in a restaurant built into and Etruscan cave…


10.  Shop for art in Piazza Michaelangelo

…then lunch on the best lasagna, bar none…