Book Accommodations in the Heart of It All

In order to book optimum accommodations, start planning your trip at least 6 months in advance. This way you will have a broad range of appealing “full-experience” options from which to choose. Early booking also will give you more time to anticipate your trip and gain a sense of the captivating places you will be visiting. If you have less lead time than this, just get started with your bookings as soon as possible.

Use Mapview to Survey Your Options First

Select your accommodations on by plugging in your dates, then clicking on Map View. This will give you a “fly over” perspective. Zoom in to focus on the area near the river, the chateau, Clos Lucé or the pedestrian street, Rue Nationale. Or go to for direct links to the aerial map you will need.

Once you zero in on your top choice, scroll down to select your room. This will be your opportunity to balance cost against quality of experience. Read the reviews posted by other travelers to help you decide if and when you may want to splurge for a room with a view, or possibly even a balcony. As you read down the full list of available rooms, note the room size, as well as the features such as views, balconies and refrigerators. Also, what floor is the room on, and is there an elevator?

If you do decide to spend more on a better room, possibly with a balcony or a view, plan to balance out this added expense by enjoying some of your meals “at home.” This will relax your pace and save you the cost and effort of always eating in restaurants.

in paris

Set your “Area” filters to “Latin Quarter” and “Ile Saint-Louis,” or follow this direct link to the aerial map you need. Hover your mouse over one pin mark at a time to view costs and average ratings from reviewers. Click through to any options that look promising and review the specifics, pictures and reviews. Check that AC is specifically listed if you will be traveling during warmer months.

in the Loire Valley

Zoom in to focus on the area near the river, the chateau, Clos Lucé or the pedestrian street, Rue Nationale.

In Florence

Stay on the left bank of the Arno River, called the “Oltrarno” (Oltr-Arno— “other side of the Arno”), within a short walk to the Ponte Vecchio. Here you will become 21st-century “neighbors” of the Medici, around the corner from their opulent Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. You will be close to restaurants and bistros too, as well as to neighborhood grocery .