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Top Destinations

Where do you want to go this year?  Start the process of scanning through your trip possibilities to imagine yourself going there, beginning with these 10 amazing pre-planned, independent 5-day trips as possibilities, to stand alone or  combined. Have your travel partner do the same.

Come take a look at these ten trips and pick your top three. Paris, London, Amsterdam? Loire Chateaux or the Normandy Coast (with Mont St-Michel)? Tuscany, Venice, Cinque Terre or Florence? The Swiss Alps from quaint Zermatt the foot of Matterhorn to elegant St. Moritz on the Glacier Express, then through the Bernina Pass into Italy and then Lake Como?

Come Dream

How Much Will It Cost?

What kind of money will you need to make this trip? Where and how will you come up with what you need to have an excellent time? Let’s talk about how to estimate your travel budget, and how to balance the budget once you arrive. Start by saving money out of nowhere by making some priority choices that will begin to fund your travel account.

Then know what to expect and how to adjust your budget where needed without compromising the quality and experiences of your trip. Download your own Trip Budget Planner so you can move in the direction of making this trip happen. This year. And another trip each year after that.

Plan Your Trip

Now your trip begins to take shape in your mind as you make your trip arrangements. First comes the delightful task of exploring options for your “home away from home.” Learn about what neighborhood to zero in on so you will be in the heart of it all. Scan through wonderful examples of the types of place to select. No generic selections among look-alike hotels! Your accommodations will be a very real part of the charm of your trip.

Other arrangements will require a bit of finesse and insider knowledge. How and where to get optimum flights for reasonable prices? What train reservations and city passes will you need and how do you get them?  You may start out with lots of questions, but come see how expert and confident you will get, and quickly.

Travel Gear & Packing

Purchasing the right gear and packing it in an organized and accessible way is much more important than you might think to your total enjoyment of your trip.

Come learn more, then follow along with these easy and expert shopping and packing lists to be assured that you have thought of everything and yet have not packed too much to carry. You will know where everything is throughout your trip and will be able to put your hands on just what you need when you need it. When you go out each day you will have what you need for that day. You will never be stopped by rain or sun or wind or cold. Your luggage will be easy to lift up into the train and to drag along the streets even if they’re made of cobblestones. And download a free packing list that will save you grief and make you feel like an instant expert.

Travel Tips

Learn how to travel better, and save more money – wherever you go. Our Travel Tips section helps you handle all sorts of logistics planning before you leave home, AND while you’re on your trip. Knowing how to handle critical travel details is one of the main areas that people struggle with when attempting to travel independently. How best to pick your lodgings “in the heart of it all.” How best to see things of wonder for peak experiences. How best to travel around once you arrive to make the coming and going part of the pleasure.

Our Packing Guide, and tips on saving money when buying plane and train tickets, booking accommodations, buying event passes, exchanging money and even doing laundry on the go will remove obstacles and ensure a stress-free travel experience.

Travel Style

Travel style makes all the difference to how memorable and engaging your trip will be. You already know about the bus tour travel style of hurry up and wait, racing by everything you’ve come to see.And skipping anything that cannot accommodate a group of 30. Then back to the bus and on to the next photo opportunity.

This will NOT be your style of  travel. You will be independent. Free to speed up and slow down at will. Walk through the gardens or find a bench to sit awhile and take in your surroundings. You will be able to linger in a café and visit the weekly markets to choose fresh strawberries, tomatoes, olives, cheese and baguette for your picnic lunch. Come learn more about the travel style that will transform your travel experience.